Suspension System
Suspension Systems coilover tube

Suspension Systems

(1) Spring and cylinder will have a perfect match:

* Cornering speeds are significantly improved and without worrying about over steering.

* To eliminate the excess bounce, when processing in the continuous holes will also have no recession, very stable.

* Different requirements for damper of hardness or softness can be adjusted as driver’s wish to improve traffic safety, and will also increase fun

of self-modification and self-adjustment.

(2) Parts:

(2-1) Spring

* Can absorb the vibration energy when a car drives in a rough road

* Cold roll spring of SAE 9254 steel for anti-recession

* Spring rate: The front is 6 and the rear is 4 k / mm but customized available

(2-2) Tubes

* Can absorb rebounding vibration which will be produced by spring when absorbed the above vibration to reduce the spring jumping

and to stable the car body.

* S45C medium carbon steel

* Height adjustable

* Mono Tube structure

* Master cylinder will be warranted for one year

(2-3) Damper

* Hardness or softness can be adjusted

* Germany damper special oil. And their anti-recession of oil will be better than others

* There are oil seal and dust-sheet to avoid damper oil leakage

(2-4) Pillow Ball Mount

* To adjust the angle of the car undercarriage

(3) Can be used for racing or comfort.

(4) Regardless of your suspension system is MacPherson , Multi-link, Trailing Arm, or DOUBLE-WISHBONE, our suspension systems can match.

(5) ISO certified

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